"NYC-based canine star makes his indie debut with a hauntingly beautiful album"

- MyLifeIsTwitter.org

"This is wacky. Very wacky."

- Sara "Everything's Wacky" Goldfarb, Rolling Bone Magazine

"I agree with Blingdingo. It is definitely 5 o'clock somewhere."

- Disgruntled Worker, Factory

Blingdingo is a New York City based artist, musician and game developer. Born in Queens, New York, to immigrant parents, as a kid, he was always a shy daydreamer, and often bullied for being different. That's why, today, Bling likes to see the world in it's most "skeletal" form. Because once you peel away the layers, we're all exactly the same. 

Bling likes to write songs about growing up, life experiences good and bad, and self-esteem.

Although he once swore to one day leave the city in exchange for open pastures and clean air, now, that could never happen. The stuffy NYC subways and street-meat carts are what stimulate a Pavlovian Response for this paleo-dog, causing the creative juices to flow. 

He studied music with the Berklee School and painting at the School of Visual Arts. Bling also loves to work with 3D digital media.

His favorite foods are pop-tarts and bacon. His favorite hobbies are binge-watching many episodes of obscure TV shows and eating (bacon).